The company "POL" works in the market since 2001, the technical equipment of events and rents a wide range of presentation and exhibition equipment (led displays, seamless ORION video walls, plasma panels, Full HD and 4K from 22 to 80 inches, Full HD projectors, video cameras, sound powerful sets, laptops and related equipment) for decoration of exhibition stands, presentations, festive events, concerts, seminars, conferences, trainings, etc.

Equipment that is leased by the company "POL" is constantly testing and of high quality, thus avoiding breakage during the event. The POL company constantly replenishes Park of the equipment with the latest novelties of the market of high technologies that allows customers of the company to hold actions at the highest level.

Photos from some exhibitions and presentations where the presentation equipment leased in our company was used can be seen on our website in the special section "Realized projects".

Our company actively uses in rent ORION modules, having a wide experience of installations. Rent seamless video walls ORION is most often used at exhibitions (as part of the exhibition stands), presentations and corporate events. At events, the video wall acts as an object that can surprise the layman with its size, attracts attention, increases the status of the company and the event itself. The bigger it is, the more attention the company gets, the more profitable its visual representation. In the case of exhibition sites, sometimes it is impossible to show the field of activity without a large display means, then it is the seamless ORION video wall rented by POL that becomes the center of the exhibition or presentation and is an indispensable tool for demonstrating your capabilities.

Our Bank details

Full name of organization
The limited liability company POL
Abbreviated name of the organization
Plasmaonline (POL)
Registration number of the Certificate of entry Into the unified state register
Legal address
111024, Moscow, Dushinskaya str., 7-1
Phone and Fax on law. address
+7 (495) 617-617-5
Actual address
111024, Moscow, Dushinskaya str., 7-1
Post address
111024, Moscow, Dushinskaya str., 7-1 for PlasmaOnLine (POL)
Telephone and Fax at the actual address
+7 (495) 617-617-5
Full name of the Bank institution
Moscow Bank of Sberbank of Russia (OAO) Moscow
Settlement account
Correspondent account
Industry code OKVED
Code of the company OKPO
Ukhanov Mikhail Viktorovich
Chief accountant
Ukhanov Mikhail Viktorovich