Sound equipment hire

The company "Plasmaonline" offers a considerable range of sound equipment for concerts from popular and well-known worldwide manufacturers. Event organizers will be surprised how the prices and variety available to dolgosrochnoi rent sound equipment.

Our customers can choose the most suitable hire, hire of sound in relation to sound quality and brand option. Our company works for a broad range of clients. Everyone can find for themselves in the proposed range of suitable options — from budget to luxury. The range of services "Plasmaonline" is to help clients to organize events.

How easy to rent sound equipment?

  • Dial the number +7 (495) 617-617-5 and place an order. Our managers are always ready to help and advise clients.
  • Fill the form "Send application" on the website, putting the minimum amount of data, and then click the "Send" button.
Price: 2500 RUB

Rental Period

Rental Price (RUB)
1 day 2500
2 days 4000
3 days 5000
4 days 5500
5 days 5500
6 days and more call us
  • Power 150 W peak, 75 watts continuous per channel 8 ohms (the amplifier class D)
  • Loudspeakers 5.25 "woofer, 2.75" high-frequency tweeter horn type
  • Specifications 4-channel mixer (2 Mic (XLR) / Line (1/4 "), 2 Stereo (1/8") / mono (1/4 "), master volume control, tonovoaya output adjustment, the LED signal presence / clipping (overload), reverb, lowering power preamplifier (-20 dB)
  • Dimensions 483 x 635 x 254 mm
  • Weight 13.61 kg

схема фендер 150


Fender PASSPORT 150 PRO - the active acoustic kit 2 x 75 W / 8 Ohm. Ideal for exhibitions, presentations, corporate events, whether it be a conference or seminar, and followed it a small party. It provides powerful and full sound in a portable version.

JBL sound system EON208P 300
Price: 3000 RUB

Rental period

Price (RUB)
1 day 3000
2 days 4500
3 days 4500
4 days 6000
5 days 6000
6 days and more call
  • Type: active portable system.
  • Eight-channel mixer with reverb and amplifier (power: 2 x 150 watts.)
  • The ability to play music via Bluetooth from your mobile devices.
  • The number of bands: 2
  • Rated power: 300 Watts
  • Frequency response: 60 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Crossover frequency: 2 kHz
  • Maximum sound pressure (SPL): 121 dB
  • Horizontal coverage angle: 100°
  • Vertical coverage angle: 60°
  • Amplifier: 2 x 150 W class D
  • Tweeter: 1" WOOFER: 8"
  • Color: black.
  • Size: 775 x 400 x 575 mm
  • Weight: 17.6 kg

EON208P JBL active portable system 2х150Вт. WOOFER 8", tweeter is a 1.1", eight-channel mixing Board: 1-4 channels Combyjack, 5-6 channels balanced TRS Jack and RCA, 7-8 channels balanced TRS Jack and 3.5 stereoJack, Bluetooth®, housing material polypropylene, weight 18kg.

Speaker System Yamaha STAGEPAS™ 300
Price: 3000 RUB

Rental Period

Rental Price (RUB)
1 day 3000
2 days 4500
3 days 6000
4 days 6000
5 days 6000
6 days and more call us
  • The mixer 8 channels, removable (2 stereo or 4 mono channels)
  • Installing the microphone stand mixer
  • Amplifier power class D
  • Amplifier Power 2 x 150 W
  • Equalizer 2-way
  • Reverb digital, 24-bit
  • Tweeter passive 2-band
  • Size tweeter 1 '' (compression driver)
  • buffer passive
  • Buffer Size 8 ''
  • Exit ST phone
  • Dimensions of the speaker 275 x 255 x 455.5 mm
  • Mixer Dimensions 160 x 96.3 x 290 mm
  • Total weight 18 kg

Yamaha STAGEPAS ™ 300 - a mobile broadcast system that provides high-quality sound anywhere and anytime. STAGEPAS ™ 300 system provides a high quality live sound in almost any environment and almost without any effort. This system included a pair of passive speakers, a detachable powered mixer and cables for the speakers - all you need. The entire system weighs only 18 kg!

Speaker System Yamaha STAGEPAS™ 500
Price: 5000 RUB

Rental Period

Rental Price (RUB)
1 day 5000
2 days 7000
3 days 9000
4 days 10000
5 days 10000
6 days and more call us
  • Type concert active speaker system
  • Number of pages 2
  • Acoustic design reflex
  • Acoustic emission monopolar
  • The kit includes 2 speakers
  • Power 200 W continuous, 250 W peak
  • RF emitters - 1 "compression driver, 10" woofer
  • Nominal Impedance 4 Ohm
  • Frequency range 55 Hz - 20 kHz
  • The crossover frequency of 4 kHz
  • S / N Ratio 112 dB
  • 70 dB channel separation
  • Overload protection is,
  • Dimensions 342 x 545 x 298 mm
  • Weight 24 kg

Mobile Sound Set Yamaha STAGEPAS 500 is more powerful and advanced features. Included applied the same principle as in the less powerful version STAGEPAS 300. This loudspeaker plus two passive active mixer which can be placed inside one of the columns, but can also be installed separately. Power amplifier mixer increased to 250 watts per channel, respectively, become more powerful and the acoustics, which received 10 "woofers. The mixer has 10 channels, including 4 mic and 3 stereo channels. Two microphone channels are equipped with a compressor / limiter for use with speech or singing. Furthermore, there is a special mode switch Music / Speech for correcting frequency characteristics set during operation with the speech signal. Ambience vocals and instruments attached to built-in digital reverb. Set weight - 24 kg. Removable 10-channel mixer (4 mono and 3 stereo channels). 2 x 250 W class power amplifier D. phantom power for condenser microphones. Built-in compressor / limiter. 2-band EQ. 24-bit digital reverb. Monitor output 2 x Jack, output Rec 2 x RCA. Two passive 2-way speaker (RF - 1 "compression driver and woofer 10"). Installation on a microphone stand via the optional BMS-10A adapter.

Yamaha Stagepas 600
Price: 6000 RUB

Rental Period

Rental Price (RUB)
1 day 6000
2 days 8000
3 days 10000
4 days 11000
5 days 11000
6 days and more call us
Powered Mixers
Channels (number) 10;
Analog inputs: 3 stereo line / 6 mono + 4 mono line / mic;
Digital inputs type USB Audio IN: to work with iPod / iPhone;
Channel EQ: three-band (low-cut filter (low frequency): 100 Hz low-cut filter (high frequency): 8 kHz);
Channel Functions:
ST / MONO (switch): CH5 / 6-9 / 10;
Hi-Z (switch - high resistance): CH4;
Digital Effects: SPX (digital reverb with control parameters and four programs);
Processing (output signal): Master EQ EQ (management of one handle), acoustic feedback suppressor;
Phantom power: +30 (1, 2 channels);
SUBWOOFER OUT (MONO), having a high-pass filter circuit HPF;
Management (Reverb): a foot switch;
Power amplifiers (dynamic, nominal): 680 W (340 W + 340 W);
Power amps (continuous, nominal): 560 W (280 W + 280 W)
Acoustic system
The system (type): two-way, bass reflex system is;
HF: compression - 3.56 cm;
LF: dome - 25 cm;
Dispersion (vertical and horizontal): 90 degrees x 60 degrees;
Handle: X 1, is located on top;
Nest (tripod mount): a mechanism StageLok diameter 34,8-35,2 mm;
Standard equipment:
skid pads (x 12);
pair cables for connecting speakers (length - 6 m);
power cord (length - 2 m);
passive speakers (2 x);
powered mixer;
Additionally, you can purchase: FC5 foot switch for switching off and switching reverb, Yamaha BMS10A adapter (a microphone stand) to the mixer;
The mixer (W x H x D): 348 mm x 197 mm x 135 mm;
Speaker (W x H x D): 335 mm x 545 mm x 319 mm;
Net weight:
Speaker system (x 2): 10.8 kg;
Mixer: 3.8 kg;
Total: 25.4 kg.
Акустическая система Behringer PPA2000BT
Price: 16000 RUB

Rental Period

Стоимость аренды (руб)

1 day 16 000
2 days 18 000
3 days 20 000
4 days 22 000
5 days 22 000
6 days and more call
  • Тип: компактная 2000 Вт, 8-канальная портативная система в стиле чемодана.
  • Система идеальна для вечеринок, школ, корпоративов, семинаров, свадеб и т.д.
  • Мощная с невероятным звуковым исполнением и супер легковесная.
  • Возможность подключения беспроводных цифровых микрофонов.
  • KLARK TEKNIK FX процессор с 100 пресетами, включая reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter.
  • Революционная система обнаружения обратной связи.
  • 8-канальная секция микшера с 4 моно и 2 стерео каналами.
  • 4 микрофонных предусилителя с переключаемым +48В фантомным питанием для конденсаторных микрофонов.
  • 2-полосный эквалайзер, переключаемый Pad на всех моно каналах.
  • Стерео 7-полосный графический эквалайзер.
  • Моно выход со встроенным фильтром низких частот для доп сабвуферов.
  • Стерео Aux входы для внешних устройств.
  • "Беспроводная готовность" для цифровых беспроводных микрофонов.
  • Динамики: 1 х 10" вуфер, 1 х 1,35" компрессионный динамик.
  • Подключение к iPod, iPhone, iPad и др через Bluetooth.
  • Отделение для хранения микрофона, кабелей и аксессуаров.
  • "Planet Earth" переключатель питания.
Microphone Shure PGX24-SM58
Price: 1000 RUB

Rental Period

Rental Price (RUB)
1 day 1000
2 days 2000
3 days 3000
4 days 4000
5 days 4000
6 days and more call us
  • Technology Audio Reference Companding
  • Simultaneous operation of up to 12 systems in the UHF band
  • Automatic frequency selection
  • Automatic synchronization of the receiver to the transmitter
  • 90 switchable frequencies
  • 1/4 wave antenna
  • Signal analyzer
  • Multi-functional indicator (power, lock, mute, dead batteries)
  • 1/4 "and XLR audio outputs
  • Radio Frequency Range: 562-862 MHz
  • Range: 100 m (under normal conditions)
  • The range of sound frequencies: 20 Hz-16 kHz +/- 3 dB
  • image rejection: 75 dB
  • Suppression of spurious signals: 75 dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.1%
  • S / N ratio: 90 dB
  • The duration of transmitters: up to 12 hours (under normal conditions)

Radio system PGX is the perfect combination of simplicity and functionality - an uncompromising step into the world of Shure wireless microphone systems. Large assortment of legendary Shure microphones together with advanced radio technology and ease of use make the PGX Shure optimal choice for both professional and novice artists.

Robust construction, availability of frequency scanner technology Audio Reference Companding, simultaneous operation of up to 12 systems in the UHF-range and carrying case designed to provide an excellent user PGX system performance at all times and in all conditions. In terms of ease of use PGX wireless system requires absolutely no effort on your part to its installation and configuration.

Thanks to the automatic functions of the frequency selection and transmitter configuration system will scan the radio landscape and instantly finds a free channel. Then the touch of a button is enough to for the infrared transmitter is automatically synchronized with the radio. This approach makes it easy to configure up to 12 systems to work together within the walls of one room.

SHURE PG14 / PG30 radio "head" with a headset PG30 UHF Band
Price: 1500 RUB

Rental Period

Rental Price (RUB)
1 day 1500
2 days 2500
3 days 3500
4 days 4000
5 days 4500
6 days and more call us
  • Operating Range 75m (250 ft.) Note: actual range depends on RF signal absorption, reflection, and interference.
  • Frequency Response Minimum: 45 Hz. Maximum: 15 kHz (overall system channel depends on microphone element)
  • THD 0.5%, typical Ref. +/- 33 kHz deviation, 1 kHz tone
  • The dynamic range of> 100 dB A-weighted, typical
  • Temperature range -18 ° C (0 ° F) to + 57 ° C (+ 135 ° F) Note: battery characteristics may limit this range

This entry-level radio systems designed for professional use. These radio systems replaced the outdated Series Shure EUT and Shure ETV, and are oriented in the first place, for smaller installations that do not require sound transmission over long distances, and there is no tangible barriers to the sound.

The components of these radio systems are designed with the same uncompromising quality as a series of radio PGX, SLX, ULX and UHF-R. Sure the sound quality of reception is provided using the «Internal Antenna Diversity» technologies and the ability to select the frequency signal reception.


  • easy installation and preparation for the radio;
  • 8 different combinations of a set of compatible radio components;
  • patented Predictive Diversity, ensures a continuous signal reception;
  • built-in internal antenna ¼ wave saves workspace and prevent breakage;
  • the best characteristics among this class of systems;
  • durable duralumin body construction;
  • serious sound quality due to the use of high-quality components;
  • selectable transmission frequency to ensure a more confident sound quality;
  • Signal transmission up to 75 meters;
  • transmitter work up to 8 hours on a 9V battery (included);
  • 10 selectable frequency for signal transmission;
  • up to 4 simultaneous use of radio series Performance Gear wireless (for two-channel radio system!)
  • 8-x simultaneously used radio series Performance Gear wireless (for single-channel radio system!)

Sound equipment hire in Moscow from the company "Plasmaonline" has its undeniable advantages. These include:

  • significant savings due to the fact that the acquisition of a set of audio equipment cost more than his rent;
  • rent speakers and microphones exclusively in the rental agreement. The need for storage products is excluded;
  • exception organizational nuances in equipment selection, delivery and installation - all of this will be handled by our company;
  • the opportunity to save on the switching elements that the company provides for free.

Rental of sound system, musical equipment, instruments: quality - our choice!

Our clients can be confident in the quality of rented sound. Our equipment has all necessary certificates of quality, which guarantees the stability and continuity of its work.

Event organizers find it profitable service of "rental of sound" in our company. The cost of the service includes delivery of equipment to the event location, installation and connection of equipment, calibration of sound. At the end of the lease term employees "Plasmaonline" dismantle equipment and carry out its export.

Customers who wish to rent sound equipment for concerts, and rent a plasma display panel, can place an order through a call listed on the website contact numbers or visit our office. Happy to see you!


In case of the order for an exhibition, the following costs of lease are included :

- transportation in Moscow, standard installation/dismantle of the equipment;

- any kind of fixture/rack of the plasma panel;

- standard set of wires (up to 10 meters).

Calculations of rent cost do not consider the day of installation (bonus).

One-day actions are estimated by our managers individually, depends on a technical task.

Work of the engineer of the company on a platform (except of installation/dismantle time) - 3500 rub/ a working shift.

Minimum order for lease - 6000 rub.

Services of lease are provided on the terms of 100% prepayment, based on the Lease contract.

For regular customers and/or in case of long-term lease - we offer special system of discounts, payment terms on credit.

In case of lease of the equipment at terms "shipment at own expense" - bail, equivalent to market value of the equipment is obligatory. 

Our company is the authorized partner of "JSC Expocentre".

*Due to the innovations in ENEA Expo and Crocus Expo, arrival and accreditation of the audiovisual equipment ISN'T INCLUDED in the price of lease!

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