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Led screens are a modern way of transmitting information. Led screens have extensive functionality and flexibility of information output and able to display dynamic ads and static images, black and white and color videos and photos and transmit information in the form of scrolling text. Mainly led screens are widely used in external and internal advertising, on the set, during mass events, exhibitions, fairs, concert halls, stadiums, railway stations, airports, subways, office buildings, exchanges, control rooms, etc. the Screens are indispensable during the broadcast of any image for larger audiences.

LED Module YX-P 3.91
Price: 7000 RUB
Lease period Lease fee sq. metre (rub)
1 day 7000
2 days 9000
3 days 11000
4 days 13000
5 days 13000
6 days and more Call us

Pixel pitch 3.91 mm
Form of led 1R1G1B
Diode configuration 3in1 SMD 2427 Black
Module size (W*h) 250*125 mm
Module resolution 64*32 pixels
Module weight 0.5 kg
Cabinet size (W*h*T) 500*500*106 mm
Resolution of Cabinet 128*128 pixels
Number of modules 8
Material cast aluminium
The weight of the Cabinet ≤9.5 Kg
Density of physical pixels per sq. m. 65,536 pixels/m2
Scan method 1/16
Luminance ≤1500 nits
Brightness control: 256 grade automatic, 8 grade manual
The number of colors 65536*65536*65536
The gray level 14~16 bits
Protection level IP30
Distance review, 4-50 m
Viewing angle 160°/140°(V/G)
Frame rate 60 frames/second
Refresh rate Hz 1920-2500
Working voltage 110~240 volts/47~63 Hz
Defect ≤0.00001
Power consumption Environments. ≤280 watt/m2 Max. ≤560 watt/m2
SVBR 10,000 hours
The service life of 100000 hours
Working temperature -20℃--+50℃
Working humidity 10%--60%
Control distance
CAT5 cable: 100 m
Multiwavelength fiber: 500 m
Single fiber: 10 km
Windows operating system
Installation methods Hanging or legs
Data transfer (processor) AV, VGA, DVI, HDMI, DP, SDI

The benefits of using screens

The main advantage of using led screens for organizations is a modern approach to the promotion of their products and the benefits in price. Indeed, to pay for airtime much easier than spending money on rent banners or buy them. As for approach, he also has a special significance. People see modern technology, interested in not only them, but also goods, services, everything that is displayed on the Led screen.

From led screens has a modular design, you can create led Board various, including non-standard configurations, seeking for more attention of the audience.

For the façade of the led screen serves as a decoration. Modern engineering technology ensure that the street appearance of the building only flourished thanks to modern technology. And if, for example, advertising information is not, the screen plays the role of illumination, which is very beautiful especially in the dark.

Outdoor led screens are another definite plus – they are resistant to changing weather conditions and external unpleasant factors. Not afraid of them nor ice, nor rain, nor snow. Regularly they work year-round, 24 hours a day.

Led modules for outdoor screens located in buildings that provide protection from precipitation and temperature changes, and usually have a high degree of protection. Led screens for outdoor use are usually large (4x3 meters to 12х9 meters or more) and therefore are going from modules with a step from 4,81 to 8-12 and 22 mm, because the larger the size, the higher the resolution and the better the picture on it.

Indoor led screens for indoor do not require a high degree of protection and their design is more simple, usually installed in rooms, they are small. They use led modules, providing high resolution, approaching the resolution of computer monitors, even at small dimensions of led screen.

The surface of modern led screens prevents glare, they have a brightness level that allows you to get a good image even with lights on the front panel of the screen. This quality is often used during presentations to large audiences – the text, graphics, tables, clearly visible from the far corners of the auditorium or pavilion, under all lighting conditions and location.

YX P 3.91 LED screen for NTV
«New season»

Offer to our customers

Among the advantages for our clients are:

  • Significant financial savings;
  • No need for storage of equipment;
  • No need in dealing with organizational matters, only the rent itself-art led screens.

You just make the order, and the rest of the work We perform.

Rent screen does not require much effort. All you need is to contact us and our professional managers will answer all your questions, give full information about the leased equipment, will offer the best solution for technical problem and talk about prices. And, as practice shows, more and more clients agree that the rental/hire of led screens is much more profitable purchase.

For details and to order you can:

  • Dial the number +7 (495) 617-617-5 and place an order. Our managers are always ready to help and advise clients.
  • Fill the form "Send application" on the website, putting the minimum amount of data, and then click the "Send"button.

Rent on favorable terms

Modern led screens that we offer is high quality equipment with a minimum pixel pitch of 3 to 6 mm. pixel pitch is the distance between the centers of adjacent pixels. The smaller the pixel pitch, the more pixels on the screen and the higher resolution. The quality of the reproduced image is higher on the screen with a smaller pixel pitch and therefore a large number of LEDs.

We always meet customers at the quality, and therefore the Best. Contact our company and You will receive a high level of service, will be satisfied with our cooperation and will certainly become a regular customer of the company PlasmaOnline.


In case of the order for an exhibition, the following costs of lease are included :

- transportation in Moscow, standard installation/dismantle of the equipment;

- any kind of fixture/rack of the plasma panel;

- standard set of wires (up to 10 meters).

Calculations of rent cost do not consider the day of installation (bonus).

One-day actions are estimated by our managers individually, depends on a technical task.

Work of the engineer of the company on a platform (except of installation/dismantle time) - 3500 rub/ a working shift.

Minimum order for lease - 6000 rub.

Services of lease are provided on the terms of 100% prepayment, based on the Lease contract.

For regular customers and/or in case of long-term lease - we offer special system of discounts, payment terms on credit.

In case of lease of the equipment at terms "shipment at own expense" - bail, equivalent to market value of the equipment is obligatory. 

Our company is the authorized partner of "JSC Expocentre".

*Due to the innovations in ENEA Expo and Crocus Expo, arrival and accreditation of the audiovisual equipment ISN'T INCLUDED in the price of lease!

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