Esthetics from the back of the LED screen in a show-window

For increase in attention of consumers and improvement of an image component of marketing in outlets , people use LED screens more and more actively. Especially effectively they can be used in show-windows. Additional information on attractiveness and advantages of goods increases demand, creates the positive attitude towards the seller. And therefore owners of shops often order LED screens of the different sizes for installation in a show-window or a window opening. They get a qualitative panel with installation, and as a result everything works, but often there is one shortcoming. It is not properly executed frontal part which buyers see in shop or on the other side of a show-window.

If the board is set in a window opening, then sometimes it is possible to cover it with blinds or other decorative accessories, but in other situations that happens most often, the inner side of an electronic equipment remains open. And it considerably spoils harmony of an interior, causes bewilderment in visitors – they can not understand what equipment works in the shop and why it is not closed.
Signing the agreement with the supplier of LED constructions, at a stage of discussion ask a question – how the frontal part of electronics will be issued. If it's not planned, then ask about ways of a solution of the matter in any way. The supplier can offer you option with a covering with a galvanized profile, but it is also not esthetic, as well as the option issued by nothing.
It is better to request assembly in the composite case (or alyumokompozitny). Then the equipment will be placed in an esthetic way which, besides, will protect it from accidental deformation.

Stipulate inclusion of this point in the contract, and you will receive the first-class solution which will not frighten off buyers and will save attractiveness of the room. It will be a little more expensive in comparison with standard purchase of electronics without additional options, but considerably will lift the value of your acquisition for many years.

Advantages of composite finishing

Ordering composite finishing together with a LED panel, you get the mass of advantages of such acquisition. Composite materials can have different color shades thanks to what you can pick up the option which is in harmony with a situation and style of shop. If you are going to install the screen at a window, then you can pick up the color suitable to a double-glazed window.

Composite cases can differ with structural elements also. For example, they can be deaf and equal or with hatches for power supplies which can be removed if necessary. Fixture if desired is closed by coloured decorative stubs that also positively affects accuracy of appearance of the device. It is possible to install the equipment on special legs or to suspend on the built-in hooks that is the choice of the buyer of the screen. In this case it is possible to receive a convenient and esthetic solution according to specific features of the location of the screen.

The back wall without any joints, seams, laid on elements becomes the best decision – then it is almost imperceptible in an interior, and the equipment doesn't draw excess attention.

You shouldn't forget that the LED screen heats up in the course of operation. Use of the casing considers it – the system of leadout of condensate and cooling of a panel is created. Thus, use of composite finishing of a front part of an electronic panel has only advantages, without showing any shortcomings in practice.

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