Holographic 3D fans. NEW

Holographic 3D fans. NEW

Innovative advertising equipment for your event

A holographic fan is a device consisting of thin blades, in which are built a lot of bright high-density LEDs. When a holographic 3D fan is operated, electric pulses are applied to the LEDs, synchronized with the rotational speed of the blades, resulting in a bright picture.

The blades are very thin, and the rotational speed is very high. Due to this, the effect of rotation is completely invisible visually. Due to the constant movement of the LEDs at high speed, a 3D effect is provided. Therefore, the device actually works as a holographic projector, creating a bright three-dimensional image that literally hangs in the air. The technology allows you to display a dynamic image of any level of complexity.

The device is capable of transmitting graphic and video content, which can be a logo, product image, short messages, other static and dynamic images within an advertising or promotional company. Content in a holographic 3D fan can be downloaded in files of most popular formats via Wi-Fi using a mobile or desktop application. The same application is used for convenient device management.

Due to this, the holographic fan can be widely used in the advertising field:

  • at exhibitions for modern and technological design of your stand;
  • on promotions to attract the maximum attention of the audience;
  • A fan can be used particularly effectively when you need to present a product that is still under development.
3D fan display

To find out the cost of renting a holographic fan, please follow the link.

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