Interactive screens in advertising

Advertising messages are broadcast to customers in text, audio, and video format. Most of the target audience is better able to perceive data through visual analyzers. This means that commercial videos are the most effective for promoting products and brands.

Features of interactive marketing

interactive screens for advertising

Spectacular advertising on the interactive panel in Moscow allows you to quickly transmit information without wasting time on reading. For this purpose, touch screens are installed inside and outside the premises.

Monitors for broadcasting commercial commercials are often placed in areas with high traffic, for example, in supermarkets, shopping centers, exhibition halls. They are installed near the roadway and bus stops to increase coverage.

This is a very expensive method of promotion. The use of interactive panels increases the status of the brand and has a positive impact on its revenue. Advertising screens help attract the attention of customers of public places. The demonstration of video and animation on high-resolution monitors actively promotes commercial products.

The trend for visualizing commercial offers is developing. Event marketing involves broadcasting concerts and animation exhibitions. An effective method is to demonstrate a 3D model of the product. The customer feels as if he is holding the product with his own hands.

Interactive screens are easy to use. They are easily mounted on walls, ceilings and other bases. The monitor can continuously display videos and ads. Working 24 hours a day significantly increases the total number of views.

Types of advertising screens

There are several types of interactive panels in advertising. At the installation site, select:

  • Outdoor – outdoor or outdoor. They are installed in high-traffic areas. They are installed in the central parts of the city, on the facades, billboards and ends of buildings. The design can include several interconnected monitors. Outdoor models with a sealed housing are protected from wind, rain, and sunlight.
  • Indoor – indoor. Touch screens are installed in government agencies, banks, and exhibitions. Racks with a built-in monitor are placed. They broadcast cartoons, commercial commercials, and entertainment programs. Examples of interactive advertising can be seen in shopping and entertainment complexes, cinemas, schools, and museums. They can often be seen at train stations, stadiums, and airports. Thanks to the indoor placement, they have less brightness, do not require protection from moisture and other adverse weather conditions.

Depending on the method of transportation of products, they are classified into:

  • Mobile phones.
  • Stationary.

Manufacturers produce a large range of panels of different sizes. The minimum specifications are 4 meters wide and 6 meters long. To ensure excellent screen resolution, use pixels with a side of 10-16 mm.

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