SolaAir: live outdoor advertizing

The technology of creation of the live advertizing SolaAir is unique – the screen forms from the smallest details or the reflecting elements which are aggregated by the principle of a children's mosaic and fasten to a basis under different corners. As a result whiff of a breeze or slight concussion leads to the fact that each of details refracts sunshine and reflects light in return, creating unique shine. Independent plates of the screen provide fascinating play of light

Advantages of the live advertizing SolaAir

The system of live advertizing works round the clock and independently without connection to the power supply network. Also constructions do not demand additional expenses on service, are simple in mounting, and, above all – several times more effectively attract passersby, so-called potential buyers, than standard advertizing signs.

Features of SolaAir:

  • wide radius of broadcasting – it is easy to consider the image not only in direct contact, but also to notice side sight;
  • in construction there are no mechanical parts needing under repair and also there is no electric conducting – safely, effectively;
  • panels for live advertizing are delivered with special openings for self-tapping screws therefore when mounting it is not necessary to drill anything, and if necessary it is easy to fix the screen by a double-sided adhesive tape.
  • separate panels can be connected in the complete big screen at the expense of connection elements;
  • under the order mobile panels of live advertizing can be made– small plates, boards, posters.

The movement of separate details is uncontrollable, and the greatest effect of the recovered picture is reached when changing lighting, for example, during sunrise or sunset and also when adding a source of bright light indoors. The SolaAir system is patented in the Russian Federation, use quality materials for production of live screens – reliable, long-lasting, strong and elastic, rather flexible, steady against influence of dyes and external factors. It is possible to apply to the reflecting elements any image, a photo or a text.

Where it is reasonable to apply live advertizing

The SolaAir technology is applicable in all areas of advertizing activity:

  • production of a panel, stands, signs, show-windows, pointers;
  • design of bigbord and constructions in rooms;
  • design of concert halls, clubs, restaurants, locations for show programs and others entertaining, including, sporting events;
  • decoration of front desks in hotels.

Service life and features of operation of screens of live advertizing

The qualitative patented panel will serve several years, the fake will easily fail already in few months – mirror films can exfoliate, the reflecting elements to fade. Therefore it is necessary to buy screens of live advertizing only from the checked companies.

Within several years the high-quality live screen will draw attention of potential buyers and attract interest in a product or service. Such way of advertizing is new therefore it is interesting, thanks to constant change of the image and lighting does not bother and the banner always looks in a new way. It is easy to collect and install such screen in any place – in or outside of the room.

SolaAir is a progressive technology for the presentation of a product or service, attraction and deduction of attention of the consumer and the potential buyer.

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