Types and advantages of electronic creeping line

The night city pleases us with color fires of signs and various illumination – in the majority for outdoor advertizing the LED equipment of different sizes is used today. And very effective, at the same time inexpensive, method to declare the institution, goods and services – installation of an electronic panel with creeping line outside of the building is. This is favorable and long-term attachment, it is possible to change information easily and quickly what you won't say about static signs from plastic and various posters.

Depending on what information and what volume of the message you plan to broadcast to your potential buyers and clients, you can select a panel of suitable width and length. The size of letters, their color and motion speed of a line – are in-out parameters which you will set according to the needs and features of business. Also panels can have the various geometrical forms that is especially appreciated in creative fields of activity (for example, in night clubs).

How it is possible to use creeping line

Having set on a building facade, in a window or under the sign a LED panel for broadcast of creeping line, you can effectively use it in different situations. For example:

  • to report about actions, discounts, sales;
  • to draw attention with the lowest prices of certain goods;
  • to inform about arrival of new goods;
  • to show contacts for those who hurry and can't come directly;
  • to congratulate on holidays, to make favorable offers, to notify on an institution operating time;
  • and to broadcast any situational messages important for your target audience.

If it was regularly necessary to order posters, stickers, banners earlier, then now it is only necessary to change the text through a control bar, and in a few minutes your free advertizing will begin to work for you. Of course, once it is necessary to spend for purchase and installation of a panel, but further all your marketing messages won't cost anything to you.

Advantages of creeping line

Unlike static texts the moving and shining line instantaneous attracts all passersby. The interested people surely will note your offer and if necessary will hurry to use it. And even if they do not need it right now – you will be remembered and they could return later. For example, the man needs to visit hairdressing salon in the unfamiliar region, he doesn't know where to find it. Passing by your institution, he will note your contacts by creeping line and will save phone in the book later to register in a hairstyle. Or in shop the action with very big discounts takes place, but nobody comes into the trading floor – passersby simply don't know about a sale. If they read about it in creeping line, then they more likely will become interested and will want to look at goods.

Also powerful advantage is the long term of service of an electronic panel. It is protected from an atmospheric precipitation, is steady against deformation, operationally serves for many years (if to compare to printing promotional products). Besides, LEDs belong to the category of the energy saving equipment therefore use of creeping line won't have a noticeable impact on scores for the electric power. But, will reduce advertizing expenses, you won't pay expensive declarations for different channels. Your channel will be with you and will always work for your business. In our company you can order a panel for creeping line according to tasks and the budget.

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