We try to do our best for each client!

Egorov A. N. LLC ("Synthesis A»)
We cooperated with this company for the first time and were pleasantly surprised. First, the equipment is all as good as new, no malfunctions-everything is fine. Secondly, I was struck by the really high level of employees. Consultants are well versed in the differences of equipment, tell from a to z, what is the difference between one video wall from another, which led panel to choose, etc.Participated in the exhibition, important for business development, and are very pleased that the equipment did not disappoint.

Alexey Vladimirovich
Rented in PlasmaOnline led screen for the exhibition stand at the industry exhibition. We needed to demonstrate the brand name and contacts. Received not only high – tech equipment, but also specialized service-installation and connection were engaged In PlasmaOnLine employees. We recommend rental services for business-inexpensive and impressive.

OOO "Irida+"
We needed a high-quality plasma panel for the concert, which would be able to convey all the facets of the colorful show on the occasion of the anniversary of the company. Appealed to the company "Plazmaonline" on the recommendation, and was very pleased with the service! Now I am a regular customer of this organization, as pleased and prices, and especially service.

Kurakin, Alexey Vladimirovich
To participate in the industry exhibition, our organization needed equipment to broadcast video on a wide screen. We needed a high level of quality to show the video, which would convey a wide range of bright colors and gave surround sound. All this we have provided the company PlasmaOnLine, without having to understand the complex equipment and its characteristics. We were quickly provided with the appropriate equipment for our tasks, installed on the exhibition site and provided uninterrupted broadcasting.

DP "Multi-Present»
We rented a plasma panel for a new year corporate party. At first we wanted to contact the event Agency, but in time we realized that our employees have enough creativity. And joint work on the organization of the holiday even more United the team. The cost is adequate, the guys helped with the installation and configuration. The holiday was a great success! Cooperation happy, be sure to pay more – the 8th of March is around the corner! With gratitude, the staff of DP "Multi-Present".

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