Rent projection screens

When contacting us you will be able to pick up any type of projection and overall size. It all depends on the audience, which is designed upcoming event. As a rule, screen rental with your projector and all associated equipment.

When ordering the company's employees "Plasmaonline" will assist in the regeneration areas special equipment.

How fast and easy it is to hire the projection screen?

Dial the number +7 (495) 617-617-5 and place an order. Our managers are always ready to help and advise clients. Fill the form "Send application" on the website, putting the minimum amount of data, and then click the "Send" button.

Projection screen Projecta FastFold forward and reverse mapping (2.44 x 2.44)
Price: 2500 RUB

Rental Period

Rental Price (RUB)
1 day 2500
2 days 4000
3 days 5100
4 days 6000
5 days 6000
6 days and more call us
  • Screen Design Screen at Fast Fold frame
  • canvas Size 244 x 244
  • white box size 234 x 234
  • fabric type Matte White D
  • Gain 1
  • Angle of View 50
  • The thickness of the fabric, 0.27 mm
  • Density, c. / M 490

When professionals are preparing for presentations, exhibitions or other events - they always rely on the best presentation and exhibition equipment. And no report or statement will not work perfectly without a projection screen Projecta FastFold.

Projection screen Projecta FastFold (2.74 x 3.66)
Price: 3700 RUB

Rental Period

Rental Price (RUB)
1 day 3700
2 days 5000
3 days 6200
4 days 7500
5 days 7500
6 days and more call us
  • Screen Design Screen at Fast Fold frame
  • canvas Size 274 x 366
  • white box size 264 x 356
  • fabric type Matte White D
  • Gain 1
  • Angle of View 50
  • The thickness of the fabric, 0.27 mm
  • Density, c. / M 490

Rectangular modification professional projection screen Projecta FastFold, which can also take a cheap rent "PlasmaOnline" company.

Projection screen on a tripod Projecta 10400064 (1.53 x 2.00)
Price: 1600 RUB

Rental Period

Rental Price (RUB)
1 day 1600
2 days 2400
3 days 2800
4 days 3000
5 days 3000
6 days and more call us
  • Screen Design on a tripod
  • canvas Size 153 x 200
  • white box size 143 x 190
  • fabric type MatteWhite S
  • Gain 1
  • Angle of View 50
  • The thickness of the fabric of 0.31 mm
  • Density g / m 462
Company Projecta has developed a top-end model of its screens on a tripod ProStar, prednaznechennuyu for intensive use on-site activities. Robust stand with a rectangular pipe and a large symmetrical tripod screen provides unprecedented stability. Durability and ease of use make the screen ProStar indispensable in the rental department at any conference room.
  • Symmetric rotating tripod provides unprecedented stability of the screen
  • Reliable grip with integrated brake system provides optimum portability
  • 4: 3 format is changed in a matter of seconds thanks to a system of holes
  • Special transport lock protects the fabric from damage

Why should you contact us?

The contract for the hire of the projection screen in "Plasmaonline" is provided to the client on favourable terms and gives a lot of advantages. As the main of them include:

  • significant financial savings. Renting the necessary equipment much cheaper, while buying a similar and inappropriate way;
  • does not require the storage of equipment, which is especially important for clients that use projection screens in very rare cases;
  • all the organizational issues and configuration of all equipment is carried out by our skilled professionals. The necessary equipment is delivered and prepared to work at a specified time in the right place;
  • the absence of financial expenses on acquisition of the switching elements necessary for the operation of the equipment.

The economic benefits and practicality

Plasmaonline clients are offered modern projection screens and projectors available for rent on very favorable terms. All the offered model of equipment is certified and is in excellent condition. This provides additional guarantees highly efficient operation of the equipment during the event.

The rental price includes: delivery, installation, adjustment and removal. Other services are negotiated separately.

To order rear projection screen rental, simply contact specialists of our company in any convenient way: by phone +7 (495) 617-617-5, make a request on the website or in person by visiting our office.


In case of the order for an exhibition, the following costs of lease are included :

- transportation in Moscow, standard installation/dismantle of the equipment;

- any kind of fixture/rack of the plasma panel;

- standard set of wires (up to 10 meters).

Calculations of rent cost do not consider the day of installation (bonus).

One-day actions are estimated by our managers individually, depends on a technical task.

Work of the engineer of the company on a platform (except of installation/dismantle time) - 3500 rub/ a working shift.

Minimum order for lease - 6000 rub.

Services of lease are provided on the terms of 100% prepayment, based on the Lease contract.

For regular customers and/or in case of long-term lease - we offer special system of discounts, payment terms on credit.

In case of lease of the equipment at terms "shipment at own expense" - bail, equivalent to market value of the equipment is obligatory. 

Our company is the authorized partner of "JSC Expocentre".

*Due to the innovations in ENEA Expo and Crocus Expo, arrival and accreditation of the audiovisual equipment ISN'T INCLUDED in the price of lease!

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