Rent proectors

We offer rent in Moscow from brands such as INFOCUS and Sanyo. When the light output from 4500 to 15000 ANSI lm inherent ease in transportation and installation.

The versatility of the designs allows projection from any range, from 2 to 30m, which increases their popularity among consumers. The availability of modern interfaces allows you to connect the projector to any available source signal from computer to receiver satellite TV. Besides, you can always order a full set of equipment for presentations or any other event: projector + rental projection screen.

How to quickly and easily rent a multimedia projector?

Dial the number +7 (495) 617-617-5 and place an order. Our managers are always ready to help and advise clients. Fill the form "Send application" on the website, putting the minimum amount of data, and then click the "Send" button.

Projector INFOCUS LP850, 4500 ANSI Lm
Price: 5000 RUB

Rental Period

Rental Price (RUB)
1 day 5000
2 days 9000
3 days 12000
4 days 15000
5 days 15000
6 days and more call us
  • Brightness (ANSI Lm) 4500
  • Contrast 750: 1
  • LCD Technology
  • Resolution 1024 x 768 (XGA)
  • Weight (kg) 7.7
  • Dimensions W x H x D (mm) 420 x 310 x 160
  • Noise Level (db) 40
  • Type UHP Lamp
  • Lamp power (W) 320
  • The lamp life (h) 1500
  • Video Input D-sub 15-pin, Composite video BNC, composite video RCA, S-Video
  • Control USB inputs, RS232 (D-sub 9 pin)
  • Audio input Mini-jack 3.5 mm stereo
  • color system PAL, SECAM, NTSC, NTSC 4.43, PAL-M, PAL-N
  • HDTV-compatible 480p, 525i, 525p, 575i, 576i, 625p, 720p, 750i, 1035i
  • Projection distance (m) 3.7
  • Projection distance (m) 13.9
  • Diagonal image of (m) 0.75
  • Size image to (m) 7.62
  • Horizontal Frequency (kHz) 15-91
  • Frame rate (Hz) 15-120
  • Power Consumption (W) 430
  • Supply Voltage (V) 100-240
  • Options manual, remote control, video cable miniD-sub 15, Video (RCA) cable
  • Installation of front projection, rear projection, mounting

Where have you seen a presentation or an important report took place without the use of the projector? In our catalog of presentation equipment is a model of the projector, which helps to solve your current business objectives!

Projector Sanyo PLC-ZM5000L, 5000 ANSI LM (Full HD)
Price: 10000 RUB

Rental Period

Rental Price (RUB)
1 day 10000
2 days 15000
3 days 20000
4 days 25000
5 days 25000
6 days and more call us
  • Brightness (ANSI LM) 5000
  • Contrast 2000: 1
  • Type 3 LCD
  • The physical resolution of 1920 × 1200 (WUXGA)
  • Weight (kg) 9.8
  • Dimensions (mm) 489 x 164 x 434
  • Power Consumption (W) 488
  • Digital Video Inputs: DVI-D (HDCP support); HDMI (ver. 1,3)
  • Analog: D-sub 15 (VGA); 5 BNC-type (RGBHV); 3 BNC-type (component Y / Pb / Pr); 3 RCA-type (component Y / Pb / Pr); BNC (composite); RCA (composite); S-video

Due to the high brightness and Full HD matrices obtained a very large diagonal image that creates neither an incomparable emotional impact. Fully motorized optics, the possibility of her shift, PIP and PbP modes and other useful functions, including network.

Projector Sanyo PLC-XF45, 10,000 ANSI LM
Price: 15000 RUB

Rental Period

Rental Price (RUB)
1 day 15000
2 days 22500
3 days 30000
4 days 37500
5 days 37500
6 days and more call us
  • Brightness (ANSI LM) 10 000
  • Contrast 1 100: 1
  • Type 3 LCD
  • Physical resolution of 1024 x 768 (XGA)
  • Weight (kg) 37.0
  • Dimensions (mm): 580 x 250 x 780
  • Power Consumption (W) 1500
  • Video Inputs: Digital: DVI-I (HDCP support)
  • Analog: D-sub 15 (VGA); 5 BNC-type (RGBHV); 3 BNC-type (component Y / Pb / Pr); BNC (composite); S-video

Switching capacity PLC-XF46 is hardly disappoint even the most demanding professionals. Video projector is equipped with a complete set of analog and digital interfaces. Among them, the standard composite and S-Video video inputs, five component video terminals (RGBHV-Y, Pb / Cb, Pr / Cr) connectors on the BNC, as well as the standard connector mini D-SUB to connect to a PC device. Digital video path is represented by a combined terminal DVI-D / HDCP. To provide audio inputs on RCA connectors for each of the switching units.

Projector Sanyo PLC-XF47, 15,000 ANSI LM
Price: 30000 RUB

Rental Period

Rental Price (RUB)
1 day 30000
2 days 45000
3 days 60000
4 days 75000
5 days 75000
6 days and more call us
  • Brightness (ANSI LM) of 15 000
  • Contrast 2000: 1
  • Type 3 LCD
  • Physical resolution of 1024 x 768 (XGA)
  • Weight (kg) 36.5
  • Dimensions (mm) 581 x 252 x 816
  • Power Consumption (W) 1700
  • Digital Video Inputs: DVI-D (HDCP support)
  • Analog: D-sub 15 (VGA); 5 BNC-type (RGBHV); 3 BNC-type (component Y / Pb / Pr); BNC (composite); S-video

Sanyo PLC-XF47 - the brightest projector in the world! - 15,000 lumens! Contrast this with - 2000: 1, and the resolution of the LCD matrix - 1024 × 768 pixels. This brightness level is achieved through the use of four lamps rated at 330 watts. New product designed for use in large rooms, distance from the projector to the screen - from 1 m to 15 m The unit is equipped with video inputs of almost all kinds:. Composite, S-Video, Component, VGA, DVI (c support HDCP). Optionally, the projector can be equipped with a module for wireless connection to transmit HD-video. There is also a serial input and output, and a USB-port is designed for PLC-XF47 management. With dimensions of 581x252x812 mm projector weighs 36.5 kg.

Rent of multimedia projector gives you the chance to use economically:

  • funds. To make a presentation or promotion is possible without buying expensive equipment. Delivery and installation included in the cost of the service;
  • time. Manager individually pick up the professional equipment, will hold an informative consultation. High quality equipment and switching elements, provided free of charge, will be the image of any event.

Rent projection equipment is profitable, affordable and with fast delivery

Rent from "Plasmaonline" available on favorable terms, at an affordable price. Certified products, with high technical characteristics, will bring any event to a higher level.

Experts will quickly and efficiently produce the installation, the subsequent connection and configuration of equipment. The cost of rental service includes the delivery and dismantling of the projector on the completion of ongoing actions.

You can place your order by contacting us by telephone or by personal visit to the office at the address listed in the Contact section.


In case of the order for an exhibition, the following costs of lease are included :

- transportation in Moscow, standard installation/dismantle of the equipment;

- any kind of fixture/rack of the plasma panel;

- standard set of wires (up to 10 meters).

Calculations of rent cost do not consider the day of installation (bonus).

One-day actions are estimated by our managers individually, depends on a technical task.

Work of the engineer of the company on a platform (except of installation/dismantle time) - 3500 rub/ a working shift.

Minimum order for lease - 6000 rub.

Services of lease are provided on the terms of 100% prepayment, based on the Lease contract.

For regular customers and/or in case of long-term lease - we offer special system of discounts, payment terms on credit.

In case of lease of the equipment at terms "shipment at own expense" - bail, equivalent to market value of the equipment is obligatory. 

Our company is the authorized partner of "JSC Expocentre".

*Due to the innovations in ENEA Expo and Crocus Expo, arrival and accreditation of the audiovisual equipment ISN'T INCLUDED in the price of lease!

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