Birthday on a large scale

On November 3 and 4, the European Mall celebrated its birthday. Visitors were waited by the bright, saturated program with gifts, master classes, and also by drawing of two cars of BMW and Mercedes-Benz! The festive mood was supported by popular artists who came to congratulate the shopping center: Zara, Philip Kirkorov, Glyuk'oza, Ivanushki International, Stas Pieha, Dominic Joker, Egor creed, ILO, Kristina Si, Misha Marvin, Klava Coca and many others.

The PlasmaOnLine company acted as the technical partner of action, having provided the bright Led screen YX-P 3.91 with the physical size of 4x3 meters, with the Roland HD Console complex and the virtuoso the video Director, and also professional powerful soundtrack with the high quality sound engineer and team of engineers, cool masters of the business. Everything was a great Success and everyone was satisfied! )

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