Concert «Euroshow» from RU.TV

August 28 TV channel RU.TV celebrated the opening of the new season with the visitors of the shopping center "European"! In honor of the tenth anniversary season channel RU.TV he gave a real musical holiday to the guests of the "European" - "Euroshow", the entrance to which was free. This evening acted as the recognized stars of Russian show business LOBODA, Irina Dubtsova, Victoria Daineko, SEREBRO, Zara, Burito, Dominik Joker, and the young performers, had already managed to fall in love with the audience - Urkis, Vladimir, Bore and others.

The company "PlasmaOnLine" acted as a technical partner of the concert, providing a bright Led screen, consisting of 48 led modules YX-P 3.91 (11,25 sq. m) with size 4,5x2,5 meters, with Control Roland HD complex, powerful and professional Sound with high-class technicians and a sound engineer. According to the guests, this concert was the best event of the summer 2016 and was a great Success, leaving the most vivid memories of all those present!

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