«Diabetes - the pandemic of the XXI century»

With the spring sunshine and endless sky high in the capital came to the vital atmosphere of scientific research, professional education and high technology, turning these days into the all-Russian diabetes Congress "diabetes mellitus is the pandemic of the XXI century" (28.02.18-03.03.18). The special interest of the audience was caused by the sections and round tables devoted to the interaction of endocrinologists.

The company "PlasmaOnLine" acted as a technical partner of the Congress, providing led screens XP 3.91, seamless Orion video walls of various configurations, plasma televisions Full HD in a variety of sizes, laptops and a professional sound system. The wide use of modern multimedia technologies in the work of the Congress – teleconferences, interactive lectures and video broadcasts of meetings, contributed to the solution of one of the main tasks of the Congress - to bring relevant information to the maximum number of interested professionals.

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