Festive concert on March 8

The traditional concert in honor of March 8 was held in the shopping center "European". The concert was lit by the best artists: "The City 312", Olga Buzova, Timur Rodriguez, Sergey Zverev, Victoria Dayneko, Mitya Fomin, Nastasya Samburski, Sogdiana, Factory and many more. As part of the concert, the hosts held competitions, and the most active participants received prizes.

The company "PlasmaOnLine" acted as a technical partner of the concert, providing a bright Led screen, consisting of 48 led modules YX-P 3.91 (12 m2 with the physical size of 4x3 m with Control Roland HD complex, powerful and professional sound with high-class technicians and a sound engineer. The concert was a great Success and left the most vivid memories of all those present!

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