Gala concert on the 8th of March

On the most romantic and favourite holiday of the 8th of March, the Russian MusicBox TV channel congratulated all girls by the gala concert of MUSICBOX TIME!

This time the scheduled concert of MusicBox Time has taken place in Shopping Center "Evropeysky".

There were so many people wishing to listen to their favourite singers that they have filled not only all space around the scene, but also three higher floors.

The concert of MusicBox Time became a fine gift for all ladies who have arrived in "European" on the 8th of March! Favourite singers, favourite songs and surprises from TV channel have presented great festive mood and the best emotions!

The "PlasmaOnLine" company acted as the technical partner of the concert, having provided the bright LED screen: consisting of 48 LED YX-P 3.91 modules (12 sq.m), with a physical size of 4х3 meters with the Console complex Roland HD, and also a professional powerful soundtrack with high quality technical specialists and the sound producer.

The concert impressed a lot and left the brightest memoirs at all attendees!

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