The largest Russian exhibition of interactive entertainment "Gameworld" has ended. No matter how much they say that the video game industry is going through hard times, and people are busy with Finance, politics and the crisis, consumer spending on this type of entertainment is growing, and virtual masterpieces brighten up many more than one hour a day. The material embodiment of these words from 2 to 5 October was reflected on the site of the international exhibition center "Crocus Expo", and those who had the desire and strength to visit "Gameworld", not disappointed.

Visitors were greeted by all the things that the exhibition loved during these nine years-effectively built-up colorful stands, a variety of gaming platforms and the latest games (both released and still in development), presentations, demonstrations, shows, fun contests, prizes and gifts-that is, all that you can expect from an exciting journey into the game world. And, of course, by good tradition, the company "Plasmaonline" has provided an extensive list of equipment for rent, such as: seamless Orion full HD modules, full HD plasma panels, laptops and professional speakers, which were used by many exhibitors to broadcast advertising materials.

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