Hot, winter, yours!

On February 7, 2014, the XXII winter Olympic games opened in Sochi. This is the second Olympics for Russia, the first-the 1980 Olympics-remember even those who during its holding in Moscow was a child. And again worried country, as in the first time. The traditional calls for peace and cohesion have been reiterated.

The Olympic games are not only medals and records, but also a celebration of the best human qualities, years of hard training, the joy of victories and the bitterness of defeats. The Olympics have long ceased to be only a sporting event, representing also a magical, rare in its beauty spectacle with an extensive cultural component.

This was timed to the organization of online broadcasting of The winter games in Sochi in the center of Moscow, where a huge seamless video wall with an area of 15 square meters was installed, made up of plasma modules ORION 4610, rented from the company "PlasmaOnLine", and everyone had the opportunity to see all the goals, points and seconds of the long-awaited Olympics, the main results of which were the unconditional victory of the Russian team and the unforgettable atmosphere of international jubilation at the Olympic stands.

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