Streetstyle at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

Recently in Moscow in the Central exhibition hall "Manege" (Manezh square, 1) was held with great success Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. Fashion week "Mercedes-Benz" is the Union of two worlds: the world of fashion and the world of luxury cars. What says more about a person than he himself is able to tell us about yourself? Only two things - the suit and car. That is why the exhibition organizers believe that the Union of the world of cars and fashion are so obvious.

The protagonists of the fashion Week "Mercedes-Benz" in Moscow became not only the recognized leaders of the Russian fashion-space, but also talented newcomers. In the framework of this exhibition shows, presentations, press days, trunk shows, which is indispensable multimedia tool has become the professional equipment from "PlasmaOnLine": ORION seamless video walls, Full HD plasma panel Full HD, speaker system and powerful laptops.

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