Multimedia by "PlasmaOnLine"

It is time of cheerful winter holidays not far off, so new year's office parties and Christmas parties in full swing. This is an excellent opportunity to sum up the results of the outgoing year in a pleasant atmosphere, to rally the team and prepare a "grateful ground" for future professional achievements.

Multimedia equipment from the company "PlasmaOnLine", namely: seamless video walls of Orion of different models and configurations, plasma panels of full HD impressive diagonals, cool laptops, and powerful sound systems helped to convey the magical atmosphere of this holiday of numerous corporate parties and parties. Equipment of the new year event from the company "PlasmaOnLine" - always bright, memorable event!

We sincerely congratulate our partners and customers on the New year 2015 and Christmas. May you always have a strong shoulder of a reliable team ;)

See you in the New year!

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