"Spartak" business club. First meeting

In the evening on May 26 the business space of "Red October" has been painted in red-white colors -  the first meeting of Business hockey club  "Spartak" has taken place in one of prestigious places in the center of Moscow. During colourful action "Spartak" presented special projects of future anniversary season, has provided a new collection of club attributes, and also has handed memorable sweaters with autographs of the Team hockey players. The professional multimedia equipment provided in lease by the "PlasmaOnLine" company has helped to perform all technical and information part of this action. The LED YX-P 3.91 screen with physical. 5,5 x 3,0 meters in size (16,5 sq.m),  Console complex Roland and the Sound equipment with work of competent engineers, have carried out a technical task of action and have not given the slightest reason to doubt correctness of the choice of our company!

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