Technical partner of events

In St. Petersburg exhibition complex "Lenexpo" from 23 to 26 September met guests at two exhibitions held in parallel: "Cinema Expo" and "Improving road safety for 2013-2020". Unlike other Russian markets, the Russian film market is growing every year and is attracting increasing interest from major foreign investors, which was shown by the film forum this year. Leading distributors of films and studios have unveiled a new blockbuster films the autumn-winter 2014/15, well in advance of their theatrical release. Within the framework of the program "Improving road safety for 2013-2020" it should be noted that one of the most important factors is road safety! And this is natural, because the accident on the roads causes huge material and moral damage.

The company "PlasmaOnLine" acted as a technical partner for the event, by providing a single screen of 36 and 4 video wall consisting of 9 modules of seamless Orion 4620 Full HD each, with the technical configuration of 6x6 and 3x3. The target audience of the exhibitions was impressed by professional equipment, namely: plasma panels from 24 "to 80", projectors, laptops and professional acoustic amplification . "PlasmaOnLine" is Your reliable guide to the world of multimedia equipment.

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