Technique "PlasmaOnLine"

Are you preparing for an advertising campaign, a solemn or corporate event and wondering how to make it special? Video and sound equipment is an indispensable part of the festive surroundings and business events. It sets the tone for the event, transforms its atmosphere, leaving vivid emotions in the memory.

Boring presentations and celebrations are a thing of the past, rental of plasma panels, seamless video walls ORION loved by the General public because of the budget rental. Saturated April weeks brought to the Treasury of the company "Plasmaonline" fascinating experience of cooperation and another brilliantly worked out projects.

So, it was possible to find the mood behind morning coffee, or late at night to take cover from city vanity in one of restaurants with a world name, or, for example, to plunge into the atmosphere of corporate events in stylish art space in the center of Moscow where seamless video walls of ORION 4610 and ORION 5520 Full HD were previously established.

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