The Hierarchal cathedral with the «PlasmaOnLine company»

The Consecrated Hierarchal Cathedral of Russian Orthodox Church has taken place at the beginning of February in Moscow.

320 bishops have taken part in it. The Hierarchal Cathedral has passed under the chairmanship of the Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill. Preparation for the All Orthodox Cathedral planned for June of this year became one of the important items of the Cathedral's agenda. Various aspects of intra church life were described in details,as well as the questions connected with the church & state and church & public relations on all space of Russian Orthodox Church.

On a good tradition, the «PlasmaOnLine» company has acted as the technical partner of the Hierarchal cathedral, having provided the multimedia equipment: two seamless screens consisting of Orion 4620 Full HD modules everyone with a technical configuration 3х3, five plasma LED panels 50" and console complex Roland.

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