"The World Of Flowers"

Our company took an active part in the international exhibition "FLOWERS/FLOWERS-IPM-2014", which was held from 27 to 29 August in pavilion No. 75 on the Territory of the exhibition of achievements of the national economy. Florists are the same artists, but he did not paint colors and flowers. That's why "FLOWERS/FLOWERS-IPM-2014" is a real floral Mecca, and each stand is a work of the artist.

Participants tried to "outdo" the neighbor on the stand and surprise visitors with unusual floral arrangements, shapes and color schemes of bouquets. The opportunity to see the best examples of landscape and floral design helped seamless Orion video walls of different configurations, full HD plasma panels of different diagonals, leased by "PlasmaOnLine". In addition, the exhibitors did not face the problem of delivery and installation of equipment – the solution to all these problems also took on the qualified specialists of the company "Plazmaonline".

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