Victory at the Sochi Olympics

On March 1, atrium shopping Mall became the place where for the first time after the end of the winter Olympic Games - 2014 athletes of the Russian Olympic team met with the most devoted fans. They spent their entire career preparing for the big victories, and prepared for the home Olympics in Sochi in a special way, because the whole country was rooting for them and worried about them. As a result, the athletes brought us the title of the strongest sports power in the world! The organizer of this event was the leading brand of clothes for sports "Adidas", traditionally presenting the most innovative equipment for future Champions.

Even syzdavna almost any sport on the pedestal of Olympic Champions wearing the clothes of this brand. The company is convinced that its sportswear gives everyone a chance to join the team of Champions, becoming Champions themselves. The victorious spring mood and atmosphere of the celebration was expressed by the grandiose (15 square meters) seamless video wall made of ORION 4250 R plasma modules rented from the company "PlasmaOnLine", which accompanied the performances of the guests of honor of the Olympic festival with bright rollers and demonstrated the most memorable moments of the winter Olympics.

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