«Wonders Of Russia»

Our company took an active part in the festival of The Russian geographical society which took place from October 30 to November 8, 2015 in the Central house of Artists on Krymsky Val. Each day of the festival was devoted to a certain theme: Ethnography, tourism, expeditions, history, animated films, animal protection. Throughout the week, visitors were shown the best documentaries of the Russian geographical society, master classes, lectures, competitions and games. The opportunity to see the natural treasures, the wealth of national diversity, the lost landscapes of the Earth helped multimedia equipment provided for rent by the company "PlasmaOnLine".

Namely, a huge video screen consisting of 36 seamless Orion 4620 full HD modules each, with a technical configuration of 6x6, full HD plasma panels of different diagonals, laptops and professional acoustic amplification. Also, the organizers were not faced with the problem of delivery and installation of equipment – the solution of all these tasks was taken by qualified specialists of the company "PlasmaOnLine", who were on site every day and monitored the smooth operation of the equipment.

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