Mixer Rental

For exhibition, corporate events or parties the company POL is ready to provide you a switcher on favorable lease terms. For best result and successful technical equipment of the event selection of the proposed equipment are presented in different models.

1 15 000 RUB
2 25 000 RUB
3 33 000 RUB
4 35 000 RUB
5 35 000 RUB
1 12 000 RUB
2 22 000 RUB
3 30 000 RUB
4 30 000 RUB
5 30 000 RUB
1 3 000 RUB
2 4 000 RUB
3 5 000 RUB
4 6 000 RUB
5 6 000 RUB
1 2 800 RUB
2 3 000 RUB
3 3 500 RUB
4 4 200 RUB
5 4 200 RUB
1 2 800 RUB
2 3 000 RUB
3 3 500 RUB
4 4 200 RUB
5 4 200 RUB

Execution and delivery of the goods shall be made by our staff in the shortest time and precisely at the required address. Excellent customer service allows us to provide each client timely advice.

How to quickly and easily rent a switcher?

  • Dial the number +7 (495) 617-617-5 and place an order. Our managers are always ready to help and advise clients.
  • Fill the form "Send application" on the website, putting the minimum amount of data, and then click the "Send" button.

Rent mastabatory Kramer in POL

Have a lease of the switcher with the POL company, you get the best possibility:

  • to save money, how to buy significantly more expensive than renting;
  • not feel the need to store equipment, especially if it is only needed in certain moments periodically passing events;
  • to shift the objectives of the organization the technical side of the event for us. We ensure timely delivery and competent installation of equipment;
  • to obtain absolutely free of charge switching elements that will add savings to the budget of your advertising campaign.

Rental switchers Roland in Moscow

The POL company provides switchers and hire only the highest quality products at the most profitable and convenient conditions for you. The presence of the quality certificates guarantee the smooth operation of devices at any arranged events.

Rental includes delivery and export, bringing jobs and professional setup, installation and dismantling of the switcher.

For the conclusion of the lease contract of the switcher please contact us by phone numbers listed on the website or visit our office at the address: Moscow, Dushinskaya str., 7, p.1.


When ordering an exhibition, the rental price includes:

  • standard equipment installation/disassembly;
  • desktop or wall-mounting type of fixing;
  • standard set of wires (up to 5 meters).

When calculating the cost of rent, the day of installation is not taken into account (bonus).

Logistics and non-standard installation is evaluated by our Manager individually based on mileage, volume and complexity of the task.

One-day events are evaluated by our managers individually, based on the technical tasks.

The presence of an engineer at the event (control of the equipment) - 4 000 rubles. / slave. change.

The work of the video engineer at the event from 5 000 rubles. / slave. change.

The cost of the minimum order for rent - 15 000 rubles.

Rental services are provided on a 100% prepayment basis, on the basis of the Lease Agreement.

For regular customers and (or) long - term lease-individual system of discounts, credit payment terms.

When renting equipment by "self-delivery" - it is necessary to make a Deposit equivalent to the market value of the equipment.

Arrival and accreditation of audiovisual equipment on the territory of Exhibition complexes in Moscow, the rental price does not INCLUDE!

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Advantages of our company
The POL company - one of leaders in the market in technical equipment of actions.
Our experts will promptly deliver, install, configure any equipment.
For many years, we have been helping our clients to professionally design exhibition stands, hold conferences and celebrations.
All services are included
We offer a full range of services when ordering multimedia rental.