Sale of used equipment

If rent a video wall Orion for any reason you are unprofitable and you want to get quality equipment for long-term use - you can always buy in "POL" used video wall of excellent quality at a reasonable price.

For all questions related to the purchase of equipment, you can contact by phone: + 7 (985) 765-75-77.

Buy Orion video wall - what the equipment is capable of

This equipment is used to create a single screen from a large number of video display devices (plasma or LCD displays). Such a system can be used both to broadcast a complete image of the desired size, and to supply separate information on each of the modules.

High-tech LCD monitors can be purchased from us to create a video wall of a certain size. Narrow body edging of modern monitors (3.5 mm) allows to achieve a perfect image display without distortion in the places of screen docking. The use of seamless installation technology is an important factor in the installation of video walls in dispatching services or in emergency tracking centers, because the clarity of the picture affects the correctness and efficiency of actions.

What are the main advantages of seamless video walls?

Pay attention to the following advantages of Orion panels:

  • the video system is capable of receiving and displaying information from several sources at the same time;
  • high screen resolution provides high-quality and clear image transmission and allows you to use the video wall to display photos and videos containing small details (complex schemes, tables, drawings, maps);
  • ability to configure the necessary image parameters directly during the system operation-change the scale, sequence and scenario of the data being played, as well as demonstration of the process and the result of their processing.

The cost of the video wall varies depending on its technical characteristics: the size of the modules, the type of software. Employees of our company will help to calculate the final cost of the selected equipment, as well as make its installation, connection and commissioning.

To obtain qualified advice as well as hire plasma screens, call +7 (495) 617-617-5.